Constipating Foods

The most common illness that the people are suffering today is constipation.

It means a lot of things to different people,to some it simply means infrequent stool,having a hard time or difficulty in passing stools.

What they are aware of is if ...Read More

How To Prevent Your Constipation

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’ is spot on when it comes to health problems.  It is therefore important to invest early in maintaining good health than spend a good number of years managing the ...Read More

Abuse of Laxatives as a Cause of Constipation

Depending too much on laxatives on a routine basis only to obtain regular bowel movements can definitely cause constipation and may lead to laxative abuse,or also known as laxative addiction. Once laxative abuse starts,a variety of complications can occur and can be difficult ...Read More