High Blood Pressure – What Can You Do?

Heart disease is the biggest killer of Americans today and horribly for a lot of folks there are no prior indications – they just die!  That is why it was given the name – the silent killer.

One intriguing statistic is that 60% of heart attack victims do not have high blood pressure, but this nevertheless leaves us with 40% that do.  This therefore shows there is a correlation between high blood pressure and heart attacks. There is a high proportion of sufferers now searching for a high blood pressure natural remedy instead of turning to expensive and harmful drugs .

If you suffer with high blood pressure it is a positive warning that you are in danger of heart attack and contracting heart disease.  You should look on high blood pressure as a warning that you have a problem .  What you also need to comprehend is that by treating your high blood pressure with drugs is only controlling the symptom and not finding the root cause of the problem .

Medicine used to treat high blood pressure can chemically disturb your body’s natural healing mechanisms .  This leads not to improvement of your complaint , but to a worsening .  When have you ever heard of anybody who is on drugs for high blood pressure be told they are cured and can dispense with taking them?  If drugs were the answer you would see far fewer people dying from heart attacks now .  The only thing high blood pressure drugs are effective at is reducing your blood pressure they are not able to lower your risk of heart attack or disease. As more people realise this they are starting to look for natural high blood pressure cures.

There can be lots of reasons for your high blood pressure, it could even be something as simple as a fear of doctors!  Listed below are 7 possible causes that could lead to high blood pressure:

1. Dehydration

2. High blood calcium levels

3. High blood sugar levels

4. Calcification of arterial linings

5. Neurogenic abnormalities

6. Vitamin D deficiency

7. Magnesium deficiency

It is crucial to get your blood pressure down to normal levels and to do this you need to determine the reasons for your high blood pressure and then treat these problems naturally .  In the world today there is a self-health radical change happening with doctors and patients alike .  The body is a tremendous piece of engineering and is capable of healing itself, without expensive drugs .  The Net is packed with information on how your food and exercise regimes can help you to control your blood pressure.

If you take high blood pressure medication talk to your doctor and see if you can change to a high blood pressure natural remedy with their help .

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