Abuse of Laxatives as a Cause of Constipation

Depending too much on laxatives on a routine basis only to obtain regular bowel movements can definitely cause constipation and may lead to laxative abuse,or also known as laxative addiction. Once laxative abuse starts,a variety of complications can occur and can be difficult to achieve back a healthy digestive system.

 Laxative abuse is a behavior of a person who takes a laxative on large doses and in a routine manner just to have a frequent bowel movement. Taking laxative repeatedly or using it for over a longer period I not recommended. Most of the reason is due to mistaken beliefs,and others may have some psychological condition,such as eating disorder.

 Sign and symptoms of laxative abuse include taking laxative in a more frequent manner than it should be,using different types of laxatives at a given time,taking laxatives without the need to,and using a wrong type of laxative that actually other laxatives have been adequate for the condition.

 People who use laxatives are those who are frequently having constipation.These are people who obtain little fiber from their diet and intakes insufficient amount of fluid.Others consider taking laxatives as a slimming medication. Others take laxatives due to eating disorders and bloating concerns. The use of laxatives to induce diarrhea to prevent food absorption and avoid an increase in body weight is always a common misconception. Even the commercial markets are into this kind of laxatives and lure people who are into slimming,which even mislead the public.

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Using a laxative to expel bowel content definitely does not change food absorption in the body. Majority of laxatives works almost at the end of the intestine where they only affect the water and salt absorption of the body. By then,most of the foods have been already absorbed,and only the undigested food residue remains. The misconception here goes with having the sense of losing weight.Laxatives do not work on the existing fat that is already stored in the body,but on the removal of body water and salt content. This perceived thought of losing weight comes temporary. The amount of water loss return as the individual takes in fluids to rehydrate. This mistaken perception can also convince an individual to take in more laxatives to the thought of losing weight.

 There are people who also thought that they need a laxative when they eat and no bowel movement took place. There are people who have poor eating habits and eat sporadically.Such habit may lead to having constipation because the development of bowel is with very little content. If the individual have poor eating habits and are into taking laxatives,it even puts himself at risk to disrupt his bowel movement. The laxative works to force nothing out from the body.

 Most of the laxatives are not intended for long term use,such as that laxative abuse can have a serious negative effect on the person. Those who are exhibiting laxative abuse are experiencing chronic diarrhea,low blood potassium level and unexplained general weakness. Others may experience abdominal distention and constipation. Basically,laxative abuse results to disrupting the natural function and movement of the bowel.

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